Luxury Conditioner for Long Hair, 250ml


A luxury conditioner that detangles, fortifies and smoothes long hair. Contains an exclusive proactive organic formula that infuses the soothing benefits of natural minerals to your long hair. The perfect conditioner to leave your hair feeling supple, silky and shiny — as if you had just come from a relaxing and rejuvenating visit to the spa!

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Luxury Conditioner for Long Hair

This luxury conditioner makes use of natural and organic ingredients to protect, condition and strengthen your long hair. It will not only help untangle knots but also protect your hair from the stress and hardships of daily life. You can say goodbye to flimsy and dull hair thanks to an exclusive deeply hydrating formula that keeps moisture in your scalp and hair, no matter how dry or harsh the environment around you.

Your hair will love it

Picture yourself coming back home after a perfect day at a 5-star spa. You are feeling restored. Relaxed. Rejuvenated. All the tension from your back and shoulders is gone. Now imagine your hair. How does it feel? Probably silky, shiny and smooth. Untangled and flowing freely over your shoulders. This is exactly the effect this conditioner will have on your hair, day after day.

Full of organic goodness and additional vitamins, this luxury conditioner is free of sulphate, parabens and any other harmful toxic elements. It only contains healthy ingredients such as natural proteins that will bring natural beauty and strength to your hair, no matter how thick or thin it is.

Use this luxury conditioner for your daily or regular hair care and be prepared to see immediate results. You can use it as leave-in or rinse out conditioner, depending on your needs. Massage it into your scalp and unwind for an extra soothing experience. You will bring the luxury spa-experience to your home and leave the shower with shiny and silky-smooth long hair, from root to tip.

Our Luxury Conditioner is available in 2 additional sizes;

– 100ml, perfect for travellers, Conditioner for Long Hair
– 1000ml, perfect for families, Daily Conditioner for Long Hair

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