Luxury Hair Protector – Protein Sealer for Long Hair


  • Protects your hair against daily threats
  • Natural ingredients
  • Plant-based proteins
  • Extracts of yarrow, chamomile, and orange
  • Parabene and sulfate free

This hair protector works as a follow-up to our protecting conditioner to seal in wellness, leaving your hair smooth, supple, and manageable.

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Luxury Hair Protector

Hair Protector (protein sealer) protects your long hair against daily threats, such as damage from salt or chlorinated water.
We made our Luxury Hair Protector as a follow-up treatment for use after our White Mineral Protecting conditioner. Plant-based proteins from corn and soy actually seal the conditioning agents in, as well as enhancing shine and providing smooth styling. Natural botanical extracts, such as yarrow, fennel, chamomile, ginkgo, and orange, soothe the scalp and further protect your hair. Essential oil of mint leaves you feeling fresh and energized.

How It Works

Our exclusive hair protector actually helps close the cuticles and seal each strand, giving your hair daily protection from blow-drying, salt water, chlorinated water, or anything else that life throws at you. This is wellness you can see, luxury you can feel. Our exclusive formula is parabene free and sulfate free to support maximum hair integrity between visits to the salon. Expect faster lift and rich, long-lasting color and shine, every time.

Specially Formulated for Long Hair

We formulate all our White Mineral products especially for long hair because longer hair requires gentler care. Once your hair grows past shoulder length, it is more prone to tangling, which causes mechanical stress on the hair shaft. Plus, the time that hair takes to grow out allows it to accumulate more environmental damage. The result, all too often, is heavy, brittle hair with a lot of frizzy split ends. We fight back with products like our protein sealer that feature high-quality, natural ingredients that repair, moisturize, strengthen, and protect your hair, sealing in the wellness, sealing in luxury.

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