Luxury Shampoo for Long Hair, 250ml


This Luxury Shampoo is a gentle, yet high-performance product specially formulated for long hair. Designed to repair, strengthening, and conditioning the hair.

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Luxury Shampoo Product Information

Luxury Shampoo is a new kind of hair care product made with only gentle, high-quality minerals, botanical extracts, and natural, plant-based proteins. Our exclusive formula is designed especially to cleanse, condition, and nourish long hair. Plant extracts, including ginkgo, chamomile, rose-of-Sharon, orange, and yarrow, soothe and condition the scalp. Proteins derived from oats, wheat, corn, and soy protect the hair shaft. Aromatic oils of lemon grass and lavender enliven the senses.

Why Special Shampoo for Long Hair?

Why do we formulate our luxury shampoo for long hair? Simple: because long, luxurious hair needs more gentle care. Once hair grows past shoulder length, the natural, beneficial oils produced by the scalp have a harder time diffusing down the length of the hair shaft. The result, all too often, is greasiness at one end and dryness at the other. Long hair also tangles more easily, breaking hair strands and causing messy frizziness.
That’s why our shampoo contains only natural, plant-based oils that your hair can easily absorb. These oils supplement the moisturizing ability of your own scalp without clogging your skin or weighing down your hair. Plant-based proteins and botanical extracts provide protection from damage, while repairing split ends, giving you full, healthy hair at any length.

The White Mineral Difference

Standard shampoos strip away the natural oils of healthy hair, leaving users to try to restore lost body and sheen with artificial conditioners. White Mineral Daily Protecting Shampoo is different. Our exclusive formula is sulfate free, paraben free, and made with organic, plant-based ingredients. This high-performance product gently cleanses your hair while supplementing—not trying to replace—your natural moisture. The result is the kind of optimum wellness and beauty you would expect to find at a luxury spa, not from a bottle at home. Get ready for a difference you can feel.

Our Luxury Shampoo is available in 2 additional sizes;
– 100ml, perfect for travellers, Shampoo for Long Hair
– 1000ml, perfect for families, Daily Shampoo for Long Hair


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