Microfiber Hair Towel – Women’s Turban


  • More absorbent than regular towels
  • Reducing the need for blow-drying
  • Increases hairmask efficiency
  • After bath luxury

Ordinary towels can only absorb so much water, leaving you to risk damaging your long hair with a blow-drier. Our exclusive microfiber hair towel is much more absorbent, reducing or eliminating the need for hot air.

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Microfiber Hair Towel

Our microfiber hair towel really offers two luxurious hair care accessories in one! Plus, used as a women’s turban, our hair towel increases the effectiveness of our hairbutters and masks by trapping the warmth that activates these products. Our simple microfiber cloth makes luxury at home easy.

A Better Way to Dry Your Hair

Long hair holds water—a lot of water. While cute, short styles are easy to towel-dry, long hair acts like a sponge, carrying what feels like gallons of liquid with you when you leave the shower. Ordinary towels just are not absorbent enough. Unless you have an hour or two free to just sit around and drip, you’re looking at long minutes with a blow-drier before you go out, especially in cold weather when wet hair freezes.

And we know that the heat of blow-driers damages hair.

Microfiber cloth is much more absorbent, so our hair towel actually pulls out so much water that you might not need to use a drier at all. Better daily hair care leads to better manageability, deeper hair wellness, and that spa look every day.

Multiplying the Effectiveness of Treatments

Our exclusive hairbutters and masks do a good job of repairing and protecting your hair, but you can dramatically improve their effectiveness by wearing our microfiber towel like a women’s turban. After applying the treatment, put on a plastic shower cap to protect the towel from the product, then wrap your head. The towel holds in body heat that actually opens the cuticle of your hair, allowing more of the nourishing oils and proteins to soak in.

Our soft, absorbent hair towel is an easy, comfortable way to achieve luxury in your own home.

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