Steam Hair Straightener

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Professional steam hair straightener designed for long hair. The secret to healthy, luxurious hair is moisture, and our steam hair straightener actually adds moisture in. For even more softness and shine, use with our pH-neutral mineral-balanced soft water.

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Steam Hair Straightener

Introducing the titanium steam hair straightener, a brand-new hair straightening technology, from White Mineral!

We know you want smooth, straight, healthy hair, but we also know that traditional flat irons cause dryness and damage. Especially if you have long hair, you already have enough daily challenges to the wellness of your hair. You need a straightener that actually contributes to your hair care in order to get the luster and luxury you deserve. That’s why we developed our exclusive steam hair straightener.

How It Works

The secret to healthy, lustrous hair is moisture. Most irons drive the moisture out of your hair, but the titanium steam iron actually puts moisture in. Used with our pH neutral, mineral-balanced softwater, this product will strengthen your hair and give you more softness and shine than ever before. In a world where most of the enjoyable things you do expose your hair to damage—we are talking about sunlight, seawater, chlorinated pool water, even, sometimes, the air itself—isn’t it good to know that styling your hair can actually make it healthier?

We are looking at a revolution in hair care, where you don’t treat your hair to help it recover from ironing; you actually treat it by ironing. When you use the steam hair straightener in conjunction with our other products, our high-quality shampoos, conditioners, masks, and sealers, you’ll have the strong, lustrous, smooth hair you’ve always craved. You can’t get this sort of revolutionary new treatment from a spa, you can only get it through us.


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